Gergo Borlai

Gerbo Gorlai Biography

Gergo Borlai is using SlapKlatzIt was Harvey Mason playing Hancock’s Chameleon and Joe Morello playing Dave Brubeck’s Take Five that got Gergo Borlai started behind the drums at age 3. At age 6, Gergo went to his first music school, where he finally got to play these tunes himself. However, it was mainly his improvisation skills that caught the teachers attention. Soon, Gergo would spend most of his childhood playing drums…

Gergos main influences comes from bands like Weather Report, Frank Zappa, Miles Davis, Allan Holdsworth, John Scofield and John McLaughlin. And from drummers Billy Cobham, Vinnie Colaiuta, Dennis Chambers, Kirk Covington and Terry Bozzio.

At age 12 Gergo decided to study by himself, and left the music shool. Through out this period, Gergo became so good at playing the drums, that he joined the Hungarian musical elite and became professional.

In Gergo’s home country – Hungary – he has appeared on more than a 250 albums. He has also received two lifetime achievement awards and two “gold record awards,” as well as the Golden Drumstick Prize and the Artisjus Lifetime Achievement Award.

Gergo has become one of the most exciting new drummers on the scene today – not at least due to his breathtaking solo playing.

Gergo has performed with Gary Willis (USA), Scott Kinsey(USA), Scott Henderson(USA), Matthew Garrison(USA), Steve Tavaglione(USA), Llibert Fortune(SP), Walt Fowler(USA), Bob Mintzer(USA), Hiram Bullock(USA), L. Shankar(India), Vernon Reid(USA), Iain Ballamy(GB), Terry Bozzio(US), Al DiMeola(USA), Nguyen Lee(F), Hadrien Feraud(F), Eivind Aarset(N), Eric Moore(USA), Tim Lefebvre(USA), Yolanda Charles(GB).


Spain / U.S.A.

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