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Division of gKompagny (VAT DK28945930)
Att: Gunnar Kristiansen
Genforeningspladsen 20
2400 Copenhagen NV

Phone: +45 26 810 910

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You will also be able to make contact through the below social media platforms (however email is preferred):

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Dealer Contact

If you need to find a SlapKlatz dealer, take a look at our distributor page here. Call or write your local distributor in order to locate your closest dealer.

SlapKlatz MINI in alien green - all 3 sizes shown on a drum head

The above image shows you the Alien Green version of our product in all 3 available sizes. You can read more about SlapKlatz MINI here, SlapKlatz PRO here – or our Refill concept here.

Also, take a look at all the great artists who endorser our products. You will find all of our endorsers here.

More about SlapKlatz

SlapKlatz drum dampeners are used to optimise, adjust and trim the sound of your drums and cymbals in the easiest possible way. Simply apply one of the supplied gels where you used to place your gaffer tape – and remove or adjust if needed. Use several gels for a higher degree of dampening, and experiment with placement and size.

Check out the video below demonstrating SlapKlatz on a snare drum.

As you can hear in the above video, SlapKlatz is not only an effective way of dampening your drums, it is also an effective way of achieving different sounds from your snare drum. Gel size and placements make a huge difference, so remember to experiment with it!

Not only placement in relation to the “clock” (12 o’clock placement etc.) but also the distance to the edge can make a difference. Finally gel sizes are – as you proven in the video above – is also key when searching for that perfect sound!

SlapKlatz can be used on cymbals as well – even on the underside so that you won’t see nor hit them when you play. We recommend starting with the small gel on cymbals, as cymbals don’t need much dampening – it least not if you try to improve the attack in e.g. a light ride.

We do no recommend using SlapKlatz as a total mute solution of your cymbals, but rather for improving definition and making refined adjustments.