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What is SlapKlatz?

SlapKlatz Pro Alien Green and Clear three sizesHave you ever wanted a fast, precise and easy way to dampen your drums and make them sound better? Look no further – SlapKlatz is here.

SlapKlatz damper pads are made from a special formulated gel, that was specifically developed for use on drums and drumheads.

With these cool round shaped damper gels, you get a super easy-to-use drum damper system, which enables you to remove unwanted overtones from your drumheads, without sacrificing the sound and tone of your drum.

These drum damper pads are even sticky enough, to be used on your bottom heads or on the underside of your cymbals.

The stickiest gels combined with the best assortment of sizes, makes SlapKlatz superior in this category of drum tools. Developed by drummers, for drummers.

Approved by
World renown drummers like Anika Nilles, Benny Greb, John JR Robinson, Gergo Borlai (and many more) use and love our product.

Available in two colors
SlapKlatz is available on two different colors – Alien Green (see below) and Clear (transparent). See the product page for more info.

How to use it
You should read this short guide to learn how to use damper gels properly…

Alien Green SlapKlatz on Dirty Loops Acrylic DW kit
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About SlapKlatz

Manufactured by:
Genforeningspladen 20
2400 Copenhagen NV

VAT: DK 28945930
Phone: +45 26 810 910