The #1 Drum Dampeners for Drums

What is SlapKlatz?

SlapKlatz makes what we believe is the most versatile drum dampeners on the market.

These drum gel dampeners lets drummers easily remove, control and handle unwanted ring and overtones from their drums and cymbals, without sacrificing the tone or the playing feel.

In order to do that, there is a few things that needs to be done right.


First up is the material. Our gel is developed to be extremely sticky. This enables our dampeners to stay on the drums, no matter where you put it. These dampeners even stays on your bottom heads - or the underside of your cymbals for that matter.


Next up is size and thickness. This is very important! We have spend so much time testing this, and the result is found in our PRO package. This drum damper kit gives you everything a professional drummer needs, in order to control and improve the sound from his or her drums. This is verified by customers reviews many time since, and has confirmed our beliefs in that selection and usage is key.

SlapKlatz is available in several colors and configurations, so we encourage you to see the complete product range here.

SlapKlatz Alien Green on drum 2022 all 3 sizes showna
The Best I have Found!

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I really like these! The sizes are great and give good advantage over having to cut pieces of other brands. Great storage case. Stay where you put yhem and are descret and stay out of the road!

Best I've used

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I opted for Slapklatz over moon gel because I liked the different size options and the clear color. I'm a convert to Slapklatz. I highly recommend them. (read the full review via this link)


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Second time purchasing these - I absolutely love them. The different size gels make it super easy to get the level of dampening you need for each drum. And it doesn’t hurt that they’re pink. Highly recommended!

The SlapKlatz Product Range


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