5 things you should know … about SlapKlatz!

#1 – Package Contents

🟢 PRO & Refillz: 2x large, 4x medium and 6x small SlapKlatz dampers.
🟢 MINI: Half of the above: 1x large, 2x medium and 3x small SlapKlatz dampers.

#2 – Pricing

🟢 SlapKlatz MINI: The affordable option priced below competitors.
🟢 SlapKlatz Refillz: The refill ♻️ option priced between MINI and PRO.
🟢 SlapKlatz PRO: Premium model priced accordingly.

#3 – Adhesive Properties

🟢 SlapKlatz gels adhere so strongly that they can be applied to bottom heads or the undersides of cymbals without any risk of falling off.
🟢 Adhesiveness can be restored by washing with soap and water, then air drying (important).

#4 – Cases

🟢 MINI case: Pocket-friendly size with rounded edges.
🟢 PRO case: Rugged, rustproof and waterproof.

#5 – Plastic Dividers

🟢 Thin, clear plastic dividers on each gel prevent sticking and double as dust protectors.
🟢 Lars Ulrich’s (Metallica) drum tech, Jimmy Clark, hailed these dividers as a ‘game changer’ in our 2023 interview.